b&w holiday mood

feeling utterly scandinavian this winter, loosing my breath at seeing all the minimalistic b&w and natural decorations for the holiday season, so simple, so easy to diy yet so beautiful and inspirational. here are some of my recent mood boards for this year, yet I am determined to change the look of my apartment from pinks, purples and browns to blacks and greys quite dramatically ) though don’t have a plan yet, but it will be something gorgeous anyway




and a long list of sources to find where these ideas are coming from)

(1 – http://www.simplygrove.com/page/8/, 2 – http://la-petite-cuisine.blogspot.com.es/, 3 – http://mechantdesign.blogspot.fr/2012/11/preparing-christmas.html, 4 – http://fellowfellow.com/, 5 – http://pinterest.com/pin/3237030953696643/, 6 – http://ellasinspiration.se/, 7 – http://pinterest.com/pin/3237030953696645/, 8 – http://www.carnetsparisiens.com/2011/12/05/calissons-etoiles-orange-gingembre/,9 – http://kickcanandconkers.blogspot.ru/2011/12/tree-talk.html, 10 – http://www.annaleenashem.blogspot.ru/, 11 – http://www.marthastewart.com/868614/astronomical-accent?center=0&gallery=948391&slide=868614, 12 – http://elisabethheier.blogspot.no/, 13 – http://www.leifshop.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/glittered-geometry-ornament, 14 – http://la-petite-cuisine.blogspot.com.es/, 15 – http://flexinredning.blogspot.ru/)

hope I will get down to carrying out my bold decorating plans) will keep you updated on how it’s going, meanwhile some more phodies of my beautiful friend are being edited to appear here soon. btw, she’s about to start a blog of her own and sent me a bunch of the scandinavian blogs, she is drawing inspiration from, some of which I found absolutely mindblowing in terms of exposing myself to even more designer northern cold black and whiteness – here below appearing in the order of being most appealing to me

☆  http://landinskan.blogg.se/
☆  http://daniellawitte.blogspot.ru/– with the photos of exactly what i want for my apartment)
☆  http://kjerstislykke.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://fridasfina.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://www.egetrom.no/
☆  http://mmmustatuntuu.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://lottaagaton.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://grafitgra.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://itsahouse.blogspot.ru/

wishing u lots of inspiration and a good week*

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my vol. 6 is on the way

yay! my Kinfolk vol.6 has been shipped today)

so I might even get it this year) what a wonderful gift it would make)))))

you can make a gift to your loved ones (including yourself) here 

and today my new car’s odometer showed the distance of 7777 km – which clearly is a lucky number, so I made a wish… and the snow has covered everything around and the sun was shining – “oh, what a beautiful morning” – was I murmuring a Lisa Mitchel’s song all the way to work

hope u also have a lucky happy sunny crispy day*

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hot winter by Oysho

I have been away for a month (unbelievable, a bit of travelling) and now me back to blogging along with the fresh snow that painted my world all white and quiet this night – but I have a feeling that this winter is going to be HOoooT with a new Oysho collection

all the sweetest girls, nicest lingerie and also a video here

P.S. while travelling I made some interesting phodies for a friend of mine wearing Oysho lingerie) now I only need her permission to post them here)

seen at Oysho

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the pleasure of making gifts

what i love the most about birthdays and holidays – is making gifts and watching how they make the new beholder happy, after the beautiful wrapping is torn apart. in most cases i am being more impatient myself, can’t wait till the X day comes. this Sunday was my mom’s birthday and i prepared a special ocean framed printed poster of the photos taken in SA, which she spotted on my blog earlier and mentioned she wanted to hang at home one day

and a cosiest Gant knitted cotton throw so that she could spend chilly autumnal nights wrapped in soft warmness

mommy was happy happy, was shining and smiling making me get filled with even more gladness – to see my dearest person in the whole world jumping with joy like a child

but no one can ever appreciate the giftwrapping as ardently and passionately as cats do)

seems i made it a very merry Sunday – not even sure who was the happiest)))


Photos by Nsenses
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I never look for blogs on purpose, but when it clicks it is love at first sight

Once I stumbled upon the inspiringly artsy and strangely beautiful Lolita  http://lolitas.se/ – I looked through all the posts till the very beginning. It is all about visual pleasure, food for eyes as well as for thought, unexpected combinations that bring out the secrets, romantic girliness, sweetness and dreaminess. on the days when I feel in need of getting into smiley dreamy mood I go check for the fresh fancy images at Lolitas

below are my favourites printscreened and linked to the original posts, so for the sources and more inspiration, just click on the picture, hope u enjoy watching while listening to Lolita song)

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future” –

a Victor Hugo quote, that shows Lolitas attitude to life that I appreciate so much as well

Do you have your beloved blogs to raise your spirits when needed? I would love to know where you source your inspiration)

Photos @Lolitas.se

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my new salsa passion

i believe all the best things in life happen spontaneously, without any planning, when you least expect. that’s how i  got into a Dan Dance salsa school  – a call from a friend of mine one night asking me to go dance with him the next day, i agreed not even asking what kind of dance it was, he just said that i must wear comfortable shoes) last time i was taking any dance lessons was at a ballet school about 20 years ago, so i was a bit confused on my way there, but as soon as i entered the classroom with wooden floors, latin music playing, everybody chatting nicely – i felt i am in the right place.  the interesting thing about the way Danil and Julia teach dancing salsa is that you don’t stick to only one guy, you switch partners all the way and have a lovely feeling of getting intimate with at least a dozen  people in two hours. i must say it’s surprisingly effective, you get to see different ways of dancing and accomodate every time, you get to feel the man standing in front of you, as he leads you and you obey, find an approach to make him feel easy so that you both enjoy and practice – like you have to change horses when learning horseriding to make progress))) (maybe a bad example, but the principle is the same)

tonight another happy coincidence took place, my beautiful friend Irina happend to be at class and not dancing and i happened to have my camera, so…here goes SALSA & myself

it’s been my fifth time so far and every time i get filled with positive energy, floating above the ground, smiling dreamily all the way back home and dancing secretly to every music i hear)

I am so happy i got to open dancing to myself, have you made some wonderful discoveries lately?

Photos by Irina Sinitsina for Nsenses
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a new way

no need to say how excited i am to start my first blogging course and by now i’m sure i made the right choice with fabulous Holly Becker, Jeanette Lunde and Nicole Balch

it actually started on Friday, but i was never getting to it till today

when as if going to a first date I chose lovely flowers for the ladies and myself to add some joyfullness and  freshness to my first class)

i am not being a prominent student, legging behind with my tasks) but i am determined to catch up. hope changes to the better in my blog will be noticeable


good luck to me and all my fellow bloggers with this new beginning)

Photos by Nsenses
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dreamland of Kathereinerle

last week I have been lucky for inspiring finds, as if I have been guided by someone

and being as dreamy as I am today I feel just right sharing one of them

Kathrin is simply fabulous, I do not remember having so much joy and excitement when looking at any photos, her website http://kathreinerle.com/ draws you in and you can’t leave it without being filled with childlike glee of meeting girls with lemon smiles, green peas buttons, pavlova clouds with blueberry rain and chestnut kisses

she is a daydreamer) and one finds light windows against a white wall, dreamy hugs and   cotton cloud dreaminess filling – just the way I am today

and she creates for Kinfolk!!!! her photos being featured in the first issue I was given in Rome. her chocolate moustache and peppermint bow being playfully eyecatching

and she catches clouds to stock them in a Cloud Collection

and writes a blog http://photisserie.blogspot.com/

for me she is perfect)

thank you Kathrin for so much inspiration

Photos by Kathrin Koschitzki with her permission
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feeling words

as a philologist I am prone to appreciate words by the feeling they create inside when pronounced, thus I prefer certain words to others just for the reason they make me feel nicer when I drop them, no matter what language it is

today I discovered that there’s another way to appreciate words – by making them ) so here is Luci’s and Amy’s beautiful vision as word makers

how much lovelier is the hipo of rose petals and love that shines through


Happy Friday*


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a girl with red lips

my model is a beauty, isn’t she?) irresistible as in the Fratellis’ Whistle for the choir

Photos by Nsenses
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