dreamland of Kathereinerle

last week I have been lucky for inspiring finds, as if I have been guided by someone

and being as dreamy as I am today I feel just right sharing one of them

Kathrin is simply fabulous, I do not remember having so much joy and excitement when looking at any photos, her website http://kathreinerle.com/ draws you in and you can’t leave it without being filled with childlike glee of meeting girls with lemon smiles, green peas buttons, pavlova clouds with blueberry rain and chestnut kisses

she is a daydreamer) and one finds light windows against a white wall, dreamy hugs and   cotton cloud dreaminess filling – just the way I am today

and she creates for Kinfolk!!!! her photos being featured in the first issue I was given in Rome. her chocolate moustache and peppermint bow being playfully eyecatching

and she catches clouds to stock them in a Cloud Collection

and writes a blog http://photisserie.blogspot.com/

for me she is perfect)

thank you Kathrin for so much inspiration

Photos by Kathrin Koschitzki with her permission
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5 Responses to dreamland of Kathereinerle

  1. seesugar says:

    Thank YOU for introducing her to us!

  2. Pierre says:

    can I place my order? one chocolate moustache to kiss, please.

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