in love with paper

yes I am, since I found these absolutely cute, stylish, adorable paper freebies, just perfectly black and white, omg, just love love them! )

so the whole story goes as follows – I was checking the 24 merry days giveaway  at one of my favourite blogs – THAT’S HAPPY  by Lisa Rupp and was feeling disappointed upon discovering that today’s giveavay was only working for US residents (and I am far from being one) when my eye was caught by Lisa’s Geometric Christmas post

and drawn by the graphic charm of the monochrome advent calendar did I happily plunged into the HEY LOOK world of amazing freebies

my fave picks are

No1 the calendar  with a pdf here, No 2 the chalkboard gift tags with a pdf here, No 3 the bold gift wrapping and boxes with b&w pdfs here , here , here and here

can’t wait trying all of them


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1 Response to in love with paper

  1. tokyohamster says:

    Wow these are so chic and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Hey Look. Nothing makes me happier than finding a great printable site!

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