I never look for blogs on purpose, but when it clicks it is love at first sight

Once I stumbled upon the inspiringly artsy and strangely beautiful Lolita – I looked through all the posts till the very beginning. It is all about visual pleasure, food for eyes as well as for thought, unexpected combinations that bring out the secrets, romantic girliness, sweetness and dreaminess. on the days when I feel in need of getting into smiley dreamy mood I go check for the fresh fancy images at Lolitas

below are my favourites printscreened and linked to the original posts, so for the sources and more inspiration, just click on the picture, hope u enjoy watching while listening to Lolita song)

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future” –

a Victor Hugo quote, that shows Lolitas attitude to life that I appreciate so much as well

Do you have your beloved blogs to raise your spirits when needed? I would love to know where you source your inspiration)


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