Watch list


My Own Private Idaho, by Gus van Sant

The good night, by Jake Paltrow – done, 05/06/11, adorable, just right for the moment, thinking of mastering lucid dreaming

Du levande, by Roy Andersson

by Hayao Miyazaki

My neighbor Totoro

Princess Mononoke – done 16/04/11, beautiful animation, as always with Miyazaki, magical world – though reminded me of Avatar much

Kiki’s Delivery service – done sometime in August, very sweet, highly recommended

Where the wild things are, by Spike Jonze

Everlasting moments, by Jan Troell

The Science of sleep, by Michel Gondry – done, 15/04/11 absolutely wonderful and crazy, highly recommended

Irréversible, by Gaspar Noé

A brand new life, by Ounie Lecomte

The virgin suicides, by Sofia Coppola  – done 04/06/11 – oh this light and the girls, and Kirsten, regardless of the general sense it is a pure eyecandy

I am Dina, by Ole Bornedal

Never let me go, by Mark Romanek – done 27/05/11, very complex and dipping into reflexions, frightening and emotionally tough, though beautiful visually, with the sea and landscapes

Sylvia, by Christine Jeffs

Innocence, by Lucile Hadzihalilovic

The Romantics, by Galt Niederhoffer – done, 13/05/11 very romantic and sad, but a useful manual for making speeches)

Somewhere, by Sofia Coppola – done, 13/05/11 not quite to my liking, but with a deep sense

Franklyn, by Gerald McMorrow


Bande à part, by Jean-Luc Godard


Following Vicki Archer’s films for the francophile list

Alice et Martin, by André Téchiné

Boudu (though not sure if it is Boudu sauve des eaux, Jean Renoir 1932 or its remake Boudu, Gérard Jugnot 2005, featuring Gérard Depardieu – will start from the latter)

Comedie de l’Innocence, by Raoul Ruiz

Gigi, by Vincente Minnelli

Indochine, by Régis Wargnier

L’appartement, by Gilles Mimouni

Le Premier Jour du Reste de ta Vie, by Rémi Bezançon


La Lectrice, by Michel Deville

Wild Grass, by Alain Resnais

Two Lovers, by James Gray – done, sometime in June, sad, what men can be like

Paris, Texas, by Wim Wenders

Enter the void, by Gaspar Noe

(500) days of summer, by Marc Webb – done 01/08/11, lovely Zooey and terrible in a way only girls can be, beautiful soundtracks, all in all mustseeable


inspired by Jolkinson

Running with Scissors, by Ryan Murphy

Inventing the Abbots, by Pat O’Connor

Toast, by S.J. Clarkson – done in June, not to my taste, too boring, predictable and unnatural

Kari-gurashi no Arietti, by  Hiromasa Yonebayashi (screenplay Hayao Miyazaki)

Neko no ongaeshi (The Cat Returns), by Hiroyuki Morita

A Single Man, by Tom Ford


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