A flower girl

Indeed I am now, I have been dreaming of approaching floristics for a while now, holding my breath in admiration of the amazing somewhat wild blooms created by Ariella Chezar and Amy Merrick, ever since visiting the magic world of Hermien and Alida’s  Flower foyer,  thinking these ladies must be fairies to bring such beauty to this world.

And just imagine now I have got this magic dust on my fingers as well))) all thanks to Nikita Dementiev at First Florist school who shared his secrets and inspiration with us.


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I have been feeling so happy discovering the tricks and magic of the flower world, feeling stronger each time that I do belong to it. The school itself is enchanting, all green, filled with books, flowers and vintage decorations.

flower girlApart from what we learned at school there is another thing – I remember once asking Hermien if it was right to hang succulents on the wall to what  she replied: “here we can do whatever we want, it’s our world”) this basically became the floral rule for me – no rules, just creativity and fantasy.



and looots, looots of patience and diligence – what you get in return – the feeling of joy, happiness, beauty – totally worth it



and an endless source for instagram photo inspiration )




these are some of my flower creations which I made while studying





and my home is now always filled with flowers) as I can not just pass by a bunch of lovely blooms)

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the lil bunny is contented to find himself surrounded by such cuteness

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last weekend it was my first “real” bouquet for a real bride, who wanted a pomander, which I have never done before))) being a bit nervous I read everything available in the web about pomanders and made one of roses, which turned our to be the cutest

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so now I am officialy a flower girl) if one needs a bouquet I am there for you)

and for the visual inspiration – check my flower pinboards:

for bouquets of all sorts – http://pinterest.com/Nsenses/bouquet/
for greenies and wild arrangements – http://pinterest.com/Nsenses/green-friends/
and for my beloved succulents – http://pinterest.com/Nsenses/succulents-love/

wishing you a lovelist Thursday*

Photos by Nsenses (http://instagram.com/nsenses)
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back N spring

heeeey) me back) been missing Nsenses much

feeling so happy lately, so thankful, so blessed, life is wonderful with all the beauty around us – flowers, nature, good people, good food and music and movies all together make me be endlessly grateful

while I wasn’t blogging I have been to Milan to visit Salone del Mobile fair (popping by my all time favorite Ennji shop), have enrolled into a loveliest florist school , where I am learning so many new exciting things and seeing so many beatiful blooms, all that making me practically glowing with happiness)

spring is almost here and we are glad to be taking loooong walks in the open, catching the fist sunshine, enjoying all the shades of young greenery and the freshest air

03-horz kirkiss

this time having fun with my cutest nephew Kirill, who’s absolutely kissable with his moustache and dimples)

wishing all a loveliest week*

Photos by Nsenses

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love in the air

cool fools) never together, but love was just filling the air… it must be spring or pink)

happy St. Valentine’s

lots of love <3

Photos by Nsenses with Egor and Anastasia
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and again I disappeared (  been trying to get to blogging, but with no much result, though so many things been happening meanwhile – it’s winter winter, me happily snowboarding, iceskating and crosscountry skiing, keeping dancing salsa, learning italian, taking photography classes with Yatasha , playing with my new toy – iphone 5, my friends gave for my birthday (btw I am now 28 years and 27 days old), currently in love with instagram – find me @ http://instagram.com/nsenses/


still enjoying my black&whiteness at home

and am now a happy member of oh my omiyage foodie pen pal program, which means this month I am sending a foodie parcel to Jennie in Hong Kong and waiting for one from Melissa who will be sending a box to me from [YAY!!!] Kyoto, Japan.

Can’t wait, can’t wait)))

anyone willing to join? – contact Jennifer from oh my omiyage ohmyomiyage@gmail.com

enjoy your Monday, let it be creative and pleasant in all ways*

tanti bacciii

Photos by Nsenses

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u wish a star?

my all time favorite wish star cookies, almost a tradition now to make them before Christmas, since the world hasn’t ended yet, let it be cookie time)

one cookie makes one wish at a time)

merry merry Friday*

Photos made by Nsenses
last December
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A&W inspiration

preparing for the coming end of the year parties and chasing for the delicate yet astounding dresses, in my mind I am constantly recurring to logo  Season’s photoshoot featuring Liberty Ross, seen a couple of weeks ago, which is to me very atmospheric and in tune with my feeling for this year

and when the parties are all over there come the long lazy winter holidays)

watching the snow fall, the candles burn and listening to old records)

do you have plans yet?

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njoy xmas

seen this stunning Simpel & Leuk poster and couldn’t resist sharing it at Nsenses –

so Njoy Xmas )

and make it happen in 2013

I am already Njoying, though still in preparatioNs and still in love with black and white and here’s the fruit of my yesterday Ikea b&w shopping

now my chandelier is fully functional again and adds some glimmering warmness

still want to put up some posters and scatter candles and firtree branches around the place

and here is some good music to tinge your days with holiday cheer

N1. Turntable Kitchen’s Christmas mix

N2. Jazzy Christmas at Ink*lemonade

N3. Kinfolk 2012 Christmas playlist

N4. Merry Christmas Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Alli, Hoorayblog

and for those who are sick of Christmas music already

N5.  SWEET SOUND playlist by Sweet Thing


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merry -15 friday

so cold it is outside that at times when you inhale deeply the icy air feels like your soul and all the inner being gets frozen for a second

and no snow, at all, which could make a warm white fluffy blankey to keep us a bit warmer

but this weather is wonderfully suitable for ginger and lemon drinks, cranberry pie, baked pumpkin with apples and cinnamon, muled wine, candles all around, lavender incense, milk oolong, thick knitted sweaters and socks

tomorrow I am heading to ikea to get the new white/black/grey pillowcases, some decorations and greenery to fill my home with festive mood and add a new look (last weekend got rid of all the pink and purple and brown shades, awaiting impatiently for the changes to come)

got to know one more creative photographer and blogger through Kinfolk today – Nikaela Peters – rose&crown – her life is still and beautiful, one wants to plunge into this simple warm magical friendly world immediately

love a quote from her winter welcoming post

“Summer is the matrix, the lie; winter is the truth.  It might be bitter, but at least its real.  At the same time, if sweet winter is the season of intimacy, scary winter is the season of the imagination.  By stripping down nature to her underwear, we can project our fantasies upon her.” – Adam Gopnik

what else?

got some mouthwatering ideas for the weekend to fill the home with sweetness and warmness

1) Cranberry Crumb Bars with Mulling Spices  – for I have a full freezer of cranberries

2) Pumpkin Cheesecake Squares – for the pumpkin cleaned and chopped waiting in my fridge for me to make something nice out of it

3) Megan Miller’s Brandy Pear Mincemeat Pie – just for the idea of pear mincemeat without any meat

4) Crackly banana bread – for I love bananas

5) Pumpkin cinnamon rolls – for the above mentioned reasons

to have with hot tasty tea and muled wine, accompanied by the closest friends, listening to the good christmas tunes at Steremood

have a good Friday and a happy weekend*

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measures of time

noticed yesterday that time can be measured in cats)

having visited my folks this weekend and having spent most of the time squeezing their most huggable Max cat did I realize that it’s been only six month since he’s with us, but he is at least five times his initial size now)

and today is my blogbirthday – been 3 years and 233 posts – another way to measure time fly by

and what’s your time catching secret ?

Photos by Nsenses
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in love with paper

yes I am, since I found these absolutely cute, stylish, adorable paper freebies, just perfectly black and white, omg, just love love them! )

so the whole story goes as follows – I was checking the 24 merry days giveaway  at one of my favourite blogs – THAT’S HAPPY  by Lisa Rupp and was feeling disappointed upon discovering that today’s giveavay was only working for US residents (and I am far from being one) when my eye was caught by Lisa’s Geometric Christmas post

and drawn by the graphic charm of the monochrome advent calendar did I happily plunged into the HEY LOOK world of amazing freebies

my fave picks are

No1 the calendar  with a pdf here, No 2 the chalkboard gift tags with a pdf here, No 3 the bold gift wrapping and boxes with b&w pdfs here , here , here and here

can’t wait trying all of them


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