one afternoon a Roma

La vinoteca de Mimì e Cocò – a filled with sunlight wine bar, where you are offered a full range of tasty starters along with your glass of appetizing wine, but I must admit what really attracted us to sit down to one of the invitingly laid for lunch tables was the absolutely gorgeuos blonde cameriera, one can’t just pass by)

it was a very pleasant experience though – check yourself

and btw it’s just across the street from a cutest Utile Futile shop (which I haven’t taken any phodies of !!((((( ) with the most stylish hand picked pieces, I could have had them all, and loveliest shopgirls (check them out on FB) where I got my powder dress and a cloudy milky knit.

Photos by Nsenses
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1 Response to one afternoon a Roma

  1. Bon giorno! scusi mio italiano non e bene. That’s awesome your in Rome! My brother was just there 3 days ago- hope your trip is going well. Maybe you can pick up some recipes to try out later. Also my Italian professor once told me there were tratorias which are cafeteria like restaurants, apparently they don’t have them in the states. It would be interesting to see one.

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