the pleasure of making gifts

what i love the most about birthdays and holidays – is making gifts and watching how they make the new beholder happy, after the beautiful wrapping is torn apart. in most cases i am being more impatient myself, can’t wait till the X day comes. this Sunday was my mom’s birthday and i prepared a special ocean framed printed poster of the photos taken in SA, which she spotted on my blog earlier and mentioned she wanted to hang at home one day

and a cosiest Gant knitted cotton throw so that she could spend chilly autumnal nights wrapped in soft warmness

mommy was happy happy, was shining and smiling making me get filled with even more gladness – to see my dearest person in the whole world jumping with joy like a child

but no one can ever appreciate the giftwrapping as ardently and passionately as cats do)

seems i made it a very merry Sunday – not even sure who was the happiest)))


Photos by Nsenses
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One Response to the pleasure of making gifts

  1. Pierre says:

    How did I miss this blog post? She must be the luckiest mom alive to have you. Bisous*

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