my new salsa passion

i believe all the best things in life happen spontaneously, without any planning, when you least expect. that’s how i  got into a Dan Dance salsa school  – a call from a friend of mine one night asking me to go dance with him the next day, i agreed not even asking what kind of dance it was, he just said that i must wear comfortable shoes) last time i was taking any dance lessons was at a ballet school about 20 years ago, so i was a bit confused on my way there, but as soon as i entered the classroom with wooden floors, latin music playing, everybody chatting nicely – i felt i am in the right place.  the interesting thing about the way Danil and Julia teach dancing salsa is that you don’t stick to only one guy, you switch partners all the way and have a lovely feeling of getting intimate with at least a dozen  people in two hours. i must say it’s surprisingly effective, you get to see different ways of dancing and accomodate every time, you get to feel the man standing in front of you, as he leads you and you obey, find an approach to make him feel easy so that you both enjoy and practice – like you have to change horses when learning horseriding to make progress))) (maybe a bad example, but the principle is the same)

tonight another happy coincidence took place, my beautiful friend Irina happend to be at class and not dancing and i happened to have my camera, so…here goes SALSA & myself

it’s been my fifth time so far and every time i get filled with positive energy, floating above the ground, smiling dreamily all the way back home and dancing secretly to every music i hear)

I am so happy i got to open dancing to myself, have you made some wonderful discoveries lately?

Photos by Irina Sinitsina for Nsenses
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2 Responses to my new salsa passion

  1. Pierre says:

    oh aren’t you just the cutest thing alive.

  2. margarita says:

    This is what your life is when you are free!!!

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