b&w holiday mood

feeling utterly scandinavian this winter, loosing my breath at seeing all the minimalistic b&w and natural decorations for the holiday season, so simple, so easy to diy yet so beautiful and inspirational. here are some of my recent mood boards for this year, yet I am determined to change the look of my apartment from pinks, purples and browns to blacks and greys quite dramatically ) though don’t have a plan yet, but it will be something gorgeous anyway




and a long list of sources to find where these ideas are coming from)

(1 – http://www.simplygrove.com/page/8/, 2 – http://la-petite-cuisine.blogspot.com.es/, 3 – http://mechantdesign.blogspot.fr/2012/11/preparing-christmas.html, 4 – http://fellowfellow.com/, 5 – http://pinterest.com/pin/3237030953696643/, 6 – http://ellasinspiration.se/, 7 – http://pinterest.com/pin/3237030953696645/, 8 – http://www.carnetsparisiens.com/2011/12/05/calissons-etoiles-orange-gingembre/,9 – http://kickcanandconkers.blogspot.ru/2011/12/tree-talk.html, 10 – http://www.annaleenashem.blogspot.ru/, 11 – http://www.marthastewart.com/868614/astronomical-accent?center=0&gallery=948391&slide=868614, 12 – http://elisabethheier.blogspot.no/, 13 – http://www.leifshop.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/glittered-geometry-ornament, 14 – http://la-petite-cuisine.blogspot.com.es/, 15 – http://flexinredning.blogspot.ru/)

hope I will get down to carrying out my bold decorating plans) will keep you updated on how it’s going, meanwhile some more phodies of my beautiful friend are being edited to appear here soon. btw, she’s about to start a blog of her own and sent me a bunch of the scandinavian blogs, she is drawing inspiration from, some of which I found absolutely mindblowing in terms of exposing myself to even more designer northern cold black and whiteness – here below appearing in the order of being most appealing to me

☆  http://landinskan.blogg.se/
☆  http://daniellawitte.blogspot.ru/– with the photos of exactly what i want for my apartment)
☆  http://kjerstislykke.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://fridasfina.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://www.egetrom.no/
☆  http://mmmustatuntuu.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://lottaagaton.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://grafitgra.blogspot.ru/
☆  http://itsahouse.blogspot.ru/

wishing u lots of inspiration and a good week*

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