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back N spring

heeeey) me back) been missing Nsenses much feeling so happy lately, so thankful, so blessed, life is wonderful with all the beauty around us – flowers, nature, good people, good food and music and movies all together make me be … Continue reading

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love in the air

cool fools) never together, but love was just filling the air… it must be spring or pink) happy St. Valentine’s lots of love <3 Photos by Nsenses with Egor and Anastasia

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u wish a star?

my all time favorite wish star cookies, almost a tradition now to make them before Christmas, since the world hasn’t ended yet, let it be cookie time) one cookie makes one wish at a time) merry merry Friday* Photos made … Continue reading

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measures of time

noticed yesterday that time can be measured in cats) having visited my folks this weekend and having spent most of the time squeezing their most huggable Max cat did I realize that it’s been only six month since he’s with … Continue reading

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my vol. 6 is on the way

yay! my Kinfolk vol.6 has been shipped today) so I might even get it this year) what a wonderful gift it would make))))) you can make a gift to your loved ones (including yourself) here  and today my new car’s odometer … Continue reading

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the pleasure of making gifts

what i love the most about birthdays and holidays – is making gifts and watching how they make the new beholder happy, after the beautiful wrapping is torn apart. in most cases i am being more impatient myself, can’t wait … Continue reading

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my new salsa passion

i believe all the best things in life happen spontaneously, without any planning, when you least expect. that’s how i  got into a Dan Dance salsa school  – a call from a friend of mine one night asking me to … Continue reading

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dreamland of Kathereinerle

last week I have been lucky for inspiring finds, as if I have been guided by someone and being as dreamy as I am today I feel just right sharing one of them Kathrin is simply fabulous, I do not … Continue reading

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feeling words

as a philologist I am prone to appreciate words by the feeling they create inside when pronounced, thus I prefer certain words to others just for the reason they make me feel nicer when I drop them, no matter what … Continue reading

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a girl with red lips

my model is a beauty, isn’t she?) irresistible as in the Fratellis’ Whistle for the choir Photos by Nsenses

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