la fiorentina alla romana

I got to hear this sweet name even before I came to Rome, as it was providently given to me by Angelo, the apartment owner as a reference point. So when I was wandering about the deserted neighbourhood on Sunday with my huge suitcase asking the only man I met  for Via Aonio Paleario, he seemed not to know this street to be existent at all, but as soon as i mentioned La Fiorentina his face would brighten up and he would give me the clearest directions in pure italian though)

Thus I came to realize that this mysterious La Fiorentina must be a renowned place with the locals, by chance my apartment turned out to be just three floors up, so for reasons beyond my control we were just ment to find each other)

Every day would start with welcoming greetings, smiles, cappuccino and a sfogliatella in the pasticceria and caffè – everytime so nicely crowded, everyone chatting, exchanging the freshest news at their morning espressos – feeling like a family

il mio barista preferito, who knew exactly what I wanted every morning

such a choice of pastries of every kind, that my mouth started watering before I entered

and home made gelatos, most preciously for me with pine nuts flavour

and an exquisite restaurant offering the tastiest traditional dishes all beautifully served – if I could dine there every day – I would certainly do that, I do not even have the phodies, so tasty it was)

so not touristy, so warm and authentic and just a few steps from the Vatican

and the most lavish aperitivi in the afternoon

I am so happy to have discovered La Fiorentina to make my days in Rome so enjoyable, for me it was more than just a place, it was a bit like home

Photos by Nsenses and Vasgevang

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2 Responses to la fiorentina alla romana

  1. Pierre says:

    Oh you are the cutest) And I agree, one could live in this area just because of Fiorentina.

  2. Nastasja says:

    and here’s a reply I got by e-mail from La Fiorentina) I am oh so pleased
    Dear Anastasia,
    THAN YOU SO MUCH for your amazing post!!

    it’s so nice to see that someone has just got all the efforts we do to make people feel like home, and we are even happier to know that someone far from home felt so good in our company.

    looking forward to see you soon and waiting for you with a capuccino and a sfogliatella,

    La Fiorentina

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