back N spring

heeeey) me back) been missing Nsenses much

feeling so happy lately, so thankful, so blessed, life is wonderful with all the beauty around us – flowers, nature, good people, good food and music and movies all together make me be endlessly grateful

while I wasn’t blogging I have been to Milan to visit Salone del Mobile fair (popping by my all time favorite Ennji shop), have enrolled into a loveliest florist school , where I am learning so many new exciting things and seeing so many beatiful blooms, all that making me practically glowing with happiness)

spring is almost here and we are glad to be taking loooong walks in the open, catching the fist sunshine, enjoying all the shades of young greenery and the freshest air

03-horz kirkiss

this time having fun with my cutest nephew Kirill, who’s absolutely kissable with his moustache and dimples)

wishing all a loveliest week*

Photos by Nsenses

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3 Responses to back N spring

  1. Vasgevang says:

    Oh! The poor thing! He can hardly escape your hold))

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