njoy xmas

seen this stunning Simpel & Leuk poster and couldn’t resist sharing it at Nsenses –

so Njoy Xmas )

and make it happen in 2013

I am already Njoying, though still in preparatioNs and still in love with black and white and here’s the fruit of my yesterday Ikea b&w shopping

now my chandelier is fully functional again and adds some glimmering warmness

still want to put up some posters and scatter candles and firtree branches around the place

and here is some good music to tinge your days with holiday cheer

N1. Turntable Kitchen’s Christmas mix

N2. Jazzy Christmas at Ink*lemonade

N3. Kinfolk 2012 Christmas playlist

N4. Merry Christmas Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Alli, Hoorayblog

and for those who are sick of Christmas music already

N5.  SWEET SOUND playlist by Sweet Thing


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2 Responses to N-joy

  1. Vasgevang says:

    must be the coziest apartment in Russia) …miss it much.

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