merry -15 friday

so cold it is outside that at times when you inhale deeply the icy air feels like your soul and all the inner being gets frozen for a second

and no snow, at all, which could make a warm white fluffy blankey to keep us a bit warmer

but this weather is wonderfully suitable for ginger and lemon drinks, cranberry pie, baked pumpkin with apples and cinnamon, muled wine, candles all around, lavender incense, milk oolong, thick knitted sweaters and socks

tomorrow I am heading to ikea to get the new white/black/grey pillowcases, some decorations and greenery to fill my home with festive mood and add a new look (last weekend got rid of all the pink and purple and brown shades, awaiting impatiently for the changes to come)

got to know one more creative photographer and blogger through Kinfolk today – Nikaela Peters – rose&crown – her life is still and beautiful, one wants to plunge into this simple warm magical friendly world immediately

love a quote from her winter welcoming post

“Summer is the matrix, the lie; winter is the truth.  It might be bitter, but at least its real.  At the same time, if sweet winter is the season of intimacy, scary winter is the season of the imagination.  By stripping down nature to her underwear, we can project our fantasies upon her.” – Adam Gopnik

what else?

got some mouthwatering ideas for the weekend to fill the home with sweetness and warmness

1) Cranberry Crumb Bars with Mulling Spices  – for I have a full freezer of cranberries

2) Pumpkin Cheesecake Squares – for the pumpkin cleaned and chopped waiting in my fridge for me to make something nice out of it

3) Megan Miller’s Brandy Pear Mincemeat Pie – just for the idea of pear mincemeat without any meat

4) Crackly banana bread – for I love bananas

5) Pumpkin cinnamon rolls – for the above mentioned reasons

to have with hot tasty tea and muled wine, accompanied by the closest friends, listening to the good christmas tunes at Steremood

have a good Friday and a happy weekend*

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