mad about hats

what I like about Rome is that it’s absolutely unpredictable and whatever plans you make you always end up doing exactly the opposite) one peaceful morning after an habitual cafe and a sfogliatella at La Fiorentina, heading towards underground to visit Vittorio Emanuele II monument, we stumbled upon this hat paradise – Antica Manifattura Cappelli

needless to say what amount of time had been spent in this enchanting place, it’s like getting to a madhatter’s teaparty – the sense of time disappears and it’s only you, hats and your fantasies, one just can not leave, attracted by the magic of the antique hat boutique

“Il cappello, un luogo simbolico, complesso, in grado di far uscire dall’anonimato un volto, uno sguardo, un’anima” (Anonimo) – a quote from their website, which I completely agree with. every single hat there is a masterpiece, a little chef-d’oeuvre created in the laboratory under subtle supervision of Patrizia Fabri

the ladies were so graceful, welcoming and sweet, they even agreed to make a photo together wearing their fabulous hats

it was such a unique and remarkable experience worth visiting a hundred tourist attractions.  one just has to be open to let these things happen to you

maybe with a little bit of help from this extraodinary website (which btw posted about my now beloved hat shop) anyone would find something rare and exceptional a Roma and in Italy

buona fortuna con le vostre avventure *

p.s. and the dress I am wearing is the powder one I got from utile futile the day before)

Photos by Nsenses + Vasgevang
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