gelateria del teatro

il piu gustissimo gelato a Roma e qui

for the tastiest ice cream in Rome one must come here

Gelateria Del Teatro
Via di San Simone 70 (metà V. dei coronari)
tel. 0645474880
and their blog

the most unexpected tastes like Rosmarino e miele (rosemary and honey), Cioccolato all’ Arancia (chocolate with orange), Pistacchio (pistachios from Sicily), Zenzero (ginger), Salvia e Lampone (sage & raspberry), Riccota, Fico e Mandorle (ricotta, fig and almond), Torta di Nonna (pine nuts & caramel) and many many more can surprise the most sophisticated and fastidious “gelatieri” (ice cream lovers) all hand made from the freshest ingredients

I must admit I did not come there once) and it’s not only for the ice cream, but for the atmosphere, sitting there on the stairs, savouring a new flavour, letting your thoughts wander after a long day … so roman … dolce far niente

if you happen to be an ice cream lover and in Rome, then for a comprehensive guide on gelato a Roma visit Parlafood

and for those interested there’s a whole website on gelato artigianale

Photos by Nsenses
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2 Responses to gelateria del teatro

  1. saraincucina says:

    Wonderful! I took an ice cream there as well! :D :D

  2. Pierre says:

    Your phodies capture the atmosphere so marvelously. And you just know how to pair them together. Here it looks even more wonderful than how I experienced it.

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