and again I disappeared (  been trying to get to blogging, but with no much result, though so many things been happening meanwhile – it’s winter winter, me happily snowboarding, iceskating and crosscountry skiing, keeping dancing salsa, learning italian, taking photography classes with Yatasha , playing with my new toy – iphone 5, my friends gave for my birthday (btw I am now 28 years and 27 days old), currently in love with instagram – find me @ http://instagram.com/nsenses/


still enjoying my black&whiteness at home

and am now a happy member of oh my omiyage foodie pen pal program, which means this month I am sending a foodie parcel to Jennie in Hong Kong and waiting for one from Melissa who will be sending a box to me from [YAY!!!] Kyoto, Japan.

Can’t wait, can’t wait)))

anyone willing to join? – contact Jennifer from oh my omiyage ohmyomiyage@gmail.com

enjoy your Monday, let it be creative and pleasant in all ways*

tanti bacciii

Photos by Nsenses

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5 Responses to N-news)

  1. Hey im youre foodie pen-pal, i just sent you an email.
    im acutally in Melbourne, Australia !! not japan :( so hopefully you dont mind this!
    i promise to send you something interesting !

    • Anastasia says:

      hi, Melissa, nice to hear from you) I am so happy I am now getting a parcel from as far as another continent))) that’s even more exciting! Keep in touch, have a lovely day)

  2. tokyohamster says:

    Wow you really like to keep busy with a lot of hobbies!! Haha I tried learning salsa, but I really do have 2 left feet. Sorry about the mistake about Melissa’s location! I need to update my info :)

  3. I sent your package yesterday, so its on its way!

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