meeting my first Kinfolk

what a perfect way to start one of your Roman mornings) wake up early, go to the market for a bit of chat and the freshest local fruit and prosciutto, have an espresso on your way back home and on entering the apartment finding …. THE PARCEL ….

no need to say it’s been such an unexpected and most highly appreciated gift for me
– my first KINFOLK- that came to find me all the way to Rome

then it was a long lazy “collazione” just the way it should be on a holiday in Italy, my thoughts wandering about and every time getting back to my lovely parcel, which I left to savour till after breakfast

and then the moment came)

it was even better than I could have expected being their blog follower, but it’s like feeling the charm of a real book with a cosy feel of matt, lustreless pages and the scent of fresh print – ah, wonderful!

hope you have a wonderful weekend with long breakfasts and lovely gifts


Photos and THE GIFT by Vasgevang for Nsenses
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