ocean in my pOcket

all of a sudden it got so penetratingly cold right on the first day of autumn, not giving a chance to get prepared. seems this cold gets somewhere deep inside and I struggle not to let it take over – burning candles, consuming hot milk oolong tea, bitter chocolate and honey, sinking in lavender baths, wearing warmest woody perfumes – quite helplessly, seems I just need a hug) maybe not even one to squeeze it out of me

today being the fourth day of cold I headed to work wearing my coat and a scarf, when at some point I slipped my hands in my pockets to get them warm and next moment I got carried away to the sandy ocean shore, salty fishy breeze caressing my face and playing with my hair, the mild sun shining through the clouds straight into my eyes, my feet getting wet meeting the waves coming and going

all that as my fingers plunged into the sand and seashells resting in the depth of my pockets ever since I spent a loveliest day at Clifton beach a year ago

it was my first acquaintance with the ocean and whenever I think of this day I feel happy and warm

Photos by Vasgevang for Nsenses

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3 Responses to ocean in my pOcket

  1. Vlad Radion says:

    Beautiful images!

  2. Nastasja says:

    thank you) it is indeed – either in winter or in summer
    and the photographer (http://vasgevang.co.za/) is lucky to live there

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