che fico!

another hot spot a Roma, just in the downtown, a short walk from piazza Navona and Leonardo Da Vinci School (piazza del Orologio), in the trendy shopping area around via del Governo Vecchio – Ristorante Bar Del Fico

so when u get tired after hours of admiration, having imbibed most of the delights of the neigbourhood – get yourself to this quiet enigmatic place with the vintage, circus wonderland themed interior, tender light, soft candles gleams, muted chirrup and most importantly mouth-watering, gustable aromas wafting from the kitchen and vanishing away through the glasshouse roof and swung open doors…

dolce prosciutto and figue jam on homemade buns, bruschetta, stuffed zucchini flowers, local cheses, aubergines and tomatoes baked in peccorino, roasted veal – mmm – buonissimo

and though I really enjoyed this place, seems we missed the most interesting part …

so cosa succede al ristorante Bar Del Fico – check it here on Vimeo

Photos by Nsenses

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