so it’s been a week since I am back from my “affascinating” roman holiday) seems it’s enough time for stopping smiling dreamily most of the time, coming back to normal way of communication without using your hands intensely, loosing 3 kilos gained from extensive consumption of pastas, pizzas, gelatos (oh my! how divine they are in Rome) and all types of pastries (living in an apartment above La Fiorentina pastry shop)

but it’s definitely not enough to shake off the magical dust of this city, to get back to living your life as if nothing happened. feels like I left a tiny piece of my heart by one of its endless fountains or infinite winding cobbled streets or ample quiet churches or eternal remainders from ancient times

I was feeling like Audrey, Sophia, Ornella, Monica and a bit of Elizabeth all at the same time – such an enchanting place it is)

but for the warmest memories and a little of italian I am bringing back looots of phodies and cool places to share, hope I do not get too lazy again and show at least the nicest ones :)

un baccione grandissimo*

Photos by Vasgevang for Nsenses
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