a toast to picnic


If anyone happens to go on picnic this coming weekend I think I got some most delicious snacks that I’ve collected at my pinterest over time to share)

1. Toast (pitta), feta, grilled asparagus, olive oil and no exact receipe(


2. Baguette, boiled egg, seared asparagus & pickled onion


3. Toast, pesto, shrimp, pine nuts and garlic


4. Turkey and White Cheddar with Caramelized Onion & Grape Grilled Cheese


5. The Vietnamese “Bang me” sandwich – for the exact ingredients go here


6. And the last for today but not the least tasty, in fact one of my favourite ones – inspired by the fall’s sandwish from not without salt but modified according to availability of the ingredients – voila – the one I cooked myself – with grilled baguette, Dijon mustard, Gruyere, fried quail eggs, rocket salad (arugula) and prosciutto (parma ham) for the italian touch

Photo by Nsenses

happy weekend to all with picnics, long walks in the open, stargazing and sweet dreams…*

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2 Responses to a toast to picnic

  1. Pierre says:

    Will she organize any picnics for two during July?))

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