One yellow autumn Bday

my lovely mom celebrated her second 25th birthday on October, 14th) to make the party bright and cheerful on the one hand and warm, golden and autumnal on the other, I chose yellow and white with some hints of green for decoration. Couldn’t but use the occasion to let my collection of glass bottles see the world.

Gathered in the woods these crooked branches turned my lil apartment into a whole forest before I painted them white. I was getting ready a way ahead – making joyous Dahlia place cards from The Blah, blah, blahg… and pretty table numbers using iDiy templates,

buying flowers and colorful ribbons and fitting the compositions at my kitchen table

ordering specially designed cakes with Mariya Volik for the sweet table

stuffing a whole bunch of yellow and white baloons in my car and finally – voila – here is what I finally got out of it

maybe I overdid a little with the photos of the cakes, but they were just so sweet)

the party ended all the quests singing to a guitar in the candlelight, having cakes and tea)

just the right way to celebrate to my taste)


Photos and styling by Nsenses

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One Response to One yellow autumn Bday

  1. Elena Blokhina says:

    Nastya!!! It’s wondeful… marvellous… amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    I admire your talent for decoration!!!

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