good bye kitty

my dear little Zeus, you’ve been the best cat ever, I loved hugging your striped fluffiness and getting your fur all around, even back home I was having a little part of you with me. I loved how cosily, lazily and invitingly you used to stretch out on the sofa, so that one could not just pass by. You were pure cuteness and loveliness, even when being naughty. It was funny how badly you loved prosciutto and mascarpone, like if you were not british, but italian and how you were sitting with us at a table as a member of family. I will miss you so terribly my little Mascarponchik, hope you go directly to cat heaven with cream rivers and prosciutto banks and lots of cute kitties around.

I did not have a chance to say good bye, so I give you a squeeziest hug ever and a kiss on your sweet pink nose***

everybody wants to be a cat

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One Response to good bye kitty

  1. Pierre says:

    Oh Lovely, you are so sweet. And that is so sad.
    Many kisses for you. And something to cheer you up…

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