breakfasts in sunny cape

as much as I love breakfasts, being my favourite meal of the day, I was absolutely charmed by the local way of spending mornings hanging around in sweet cosy cafes, reading papers over a coffee and chatting having hearty breakfast meals. All kinds of sandwiches and croissants with eggs and bakon and jams varying from place to place, each offering some delicate combination and/or seasoning.

Such a variety, there was not a single time that I had the same, but my heart was definitely stollen by Croque Monsieur offered by wonderful NookEatery (I am yet to mention this place) making me look this happy

oh that crustiness and the dijon mustard, my mouth is watering even now)

that is such a cool idea to eat out for breakfasts, don’t know why it’s not yet realized in Samara, maybe someone will profit from this hint ;)

breakfasts had at home were also always nice, cereals and toasts with honey eaten outside in the sunshine and the best coffee in the whole cape  [sigh]

I also can’t but mention the breakfast cooked by Tannie Anne Marie on a farm at Riversdale, which was so tasty and easy that I keep making it back home – it’s baked eggs in a cup (unfortunately I don’t have any pictures) – put a slice of buttered bread in a cup, add any kind of cheese and peeled tomatoes and/or ham and fresh herbs, some salt and pepper and cover all this with an egg. Bake for 10-15 mins in a preheated oven and your tasty breakfast is done, voila, as simple as that.

so bon appetit to all the breakfast lovers

Photos taken for Nsenses and by Nsenses :)
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