a skiing Sunday

This weekend was really fun, because of all the holidays we had here. So on Sunday I

was making cupcakes

with rum and chocolate chips

in Ikea colorful cups

rising nicely at 200C

giving a sweetest smell and so crunchy

to take them to a cross country skiing trip accompanied by my parents, their friends and two doggies on our way across the frozen Volga River

where my skis were just lovely – bright white-pinkish – as if I have chosen them myself)

and doggies leaving the cutest pawprints in the snow

halting here and there

admiring the city under the blue skies from the other bank

enjoying cupcakes with hot tea

my mom floating above the ground)

happy doggies playing like crazy

skies being as blue as ever in spring

what a wonderful day!

Photos by Nsenses
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