porcelaine animalia

Animals are cute and cool, so why not bring them to our everyday lives in shape of tableware? I see them here and there lately and they make my heart sink with admiration

with these cups seen at imm living you will never feel alone while having your coffee or tea as with first sips you’ll find company

A whole Wonderland table set by Elise Lefebvre will fill your meals with french cuteness

A piece of art made by Hella Jongerius for Nymphenburg in 2004 – lovely

these animal planet mugs seen at West Elm bring whimsical wildlife to the table while keeping your drinks hot

You’ll have to look after these jolly dutch legged characters by Jorine, otherwise they’ll run away from you in a flash

The loveliest canine creation, a decorative bowl by Me me me is a priceless gift for the most exquisite dog-fanciers

Sami Rinne’s ceramics and porcelain works from Finland abound in decorations, capturing details from animal world. Anyone can choose, what he/she likes the most.

Enjoy and find a little bit of animal inside ;)


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