Such a busy day!

Had not a free minute today and my cup is resting in front of me filled with tea of Tuesday!

Today’s morning started with a little miracle – I got into the car to go to work and what I found! It must have been so freezy at night that some of the stars got inside my car

to get warmer and were feeling so cosy there that didn’t notice that it was already morning – so we went to work together :)

And when I got to work – I received a long-expected invitation to create my Pinterest account! Yay! So please drop by here to see what I am up to)

Yesterday it was a holiday here – in honor of men as defendors, so all men were supposed to get presents from girls. I also prepared some nice ones (this year I decided to give books and of course lovely wrapped them)

for me it was a wonderful day – giving presents, cooking pumpkins (that is to follow tomorrow)


Photos by Nsenses
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