white winter wedding and some russian traditions

My second cousin is having a wedding tomorrow and from tomorrow I will officially have no excuse for being not married yet (previously I used to say that I can get married only after both my elder cousins would, as I am the youngest in the family).

Nevertheless I am so excited! This is gonna be a very beautiful winter wonderland wedding with horses and sleigh.

Since it’s been oversnowing in the last few weeks, everything outside is white, soft and sparkling, looking like a setting for a fairytale movie – making it a perfect white wedding. I expect the photos to be exceptionally good.

Meanwhile I am preparing for tomorrow, when, following a russian tradition, the groom will come to take his bride to get married, and the bride’s family and friends have to check, whether he deserves to have the girl (that is not for real of course, just for fun and he will get her anyway – no way back :) )

I will ask him to find Katya’s (the bride’s) child photo among 7 other and to jump and kiss the right one. If he can’t – he will have to pay (that is also a part of tradition, that a groom must “buy” his bride). There are also some tricky tasks – like when he is given the key from the last door leading to his beloved, it is hidden in a piece of ice, so that he has to melt down the ice with his love.

I am still in the process of inventing, so who knows, what else we will do to him :) but I assure you, it will not be a piece of cake :)

and of course I already got a new dress for the occasion while I was in Italy (it is chocolate with black dots) and a hat! must be pretty:) – photos are to follow.


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