a delightful parcel

I am back from a short business trip/holiday in Italy this week just in time to get a most wonderful birthday present sent to me by post. Who would have thought that it is such a delight to take your gift from a post-office! Maybe a long waiting, maybe an anticipation of surprise you are finally going to uncover in a few moments, maybe a little jealous people in the queue watching you getting your big accurately wrapped box, softly crumpled on its way, with handwritten signs “Fragile” at every side – whatever it is, but I don’t remember myself being this excited for a while, not to mention the gift itself!!!

From now on I am determined to send more parcels to everybody – because I know what a pleasure it gives to receive one (it’s like a tiny christmass).

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2 Responses to a delightful parcel

  1. Pierre says:

    Wow… A gift in the mail… My mother sends me one sometimes. And that certainly is a lovely feeling… about the only time one doesn’t mind waiting in a queue. It seems like the gift is from Paris? How romantic!

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