bringing home a holiday

It’s quite late for Christmas decorations already, but it’s still 9 days to go before the New Year Eve (which is btw a prior holiday here in Russia, as we celebrate Christmas on January, 7). I am currently occupied with beautifying my apartment with holiday ornaments to  wake a festive cheerful mood. Every night I add some tiny details to make up the whole picture. I try to make it different from last year’s so that it doesn’t feel like a groundhog day)

here is what I had last year:

first kumquat and rosemary trees

to give way to silver fir (or as per my dictionary : abies) and juniper

all set in bunches and adorned with snowflakes and silver bells

a silver tree and holiday spices arrangement (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pepper and some unknown sorts as well)

and of course nothing could make a better decoration to the place than myself :)

This year I am having some other projects which I am going to share in my next posts.

Photos by Nsenses
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