as cutie as one can get

My e-shopping addicted friend Ksenia found another fabulous shop full of
astonishingly beautiful dresses made of vintage inspired fabrics. They are just adorable) and if there is no dress for you in stock, it can be lovingly made to order  in a fabric that you choose.

My favourites are:

matreshkas (russian dolls)


nursery teddies (rose)

viva Frida (amor, dolor)

nursery teddies (blue) – nice photo

Elvis !!!

and a matching tie for your companion in crime)

I also love these fabrics:

Bags and shoes                                                     Clarice and cliff

Eiffel tower                                                Japanese Kimono

Oh, my! Which one to choose, which one …

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2 Responses to as cutie as one can get

  1. Pierre Lombard says:

    O I would like a tie with the paris eiffel tower!

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