In vino?

“Le vin a été créé dès le commencement pour le bonheur de l’homme”(l’Ecclésiastique XXXI – 33)

I am not a big connaisseur of wines, but I love to sip another bottle occasionally, especially in summer –  en plain air, watching the sun on its way to bed.



But yesterday I was invited to a wine tasting dinner with a sommelier coming from Lyon. This turned to be my first experience of a kind and oh, it was enjoyable. I would never have expected that wines could actually develop such a richesse of scents (which only becomes evident when you get to smell those tiny vials carefully hiding the essence of each and every wine) just from nowhere . It is a wonder that out of plain grapes  there come cherries, plums, oranges, figues, lavender, roasted bread, violetes, roses, butter, meat, soil any kind of berry, pepper, mint, nuts, grass and what not. Just rub the bottle – and – here appears the flavour genie :)

I especially liked the smell of leather one of the Madiran wines showed (in Russian there is one word meaning both leather and skin) – which makes a vivid picture in my head of Celentano smashing the grapes with his feet

– I imagine that is the only way the wine could acquire that kind of tinge (:

As tasting wine was a very pleasant activity and I got to know so many new interesting things and have to learn even so much more I decided to practice it more often.


Hence I embark upon a wonderful voyage in the sea of vins de France and this lovely site will guide me through so far :)

Bon voyage et bon weekend

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