Believe me or not, but I have been wanting to watch My Blueberry Nights since I came across a picture from the movie at my friend’s blog (makes around 6 months by now) and what a surprise it was when I downloaded the film today to find out that it had been made by the same person – Wong Kar-Wai, that created Chungking Express (which is unimpeachably said to be a good film with good music and a thrilling seduction scene).
I have to confess I am completely enchanted by MBN, it topped all my expectations – it is so sense provoking, was just right at the moment – delicious, capturing and happily ending – perfect. Hopefully I am to like Express equally, if not better, cause it is waiting it’s turn in my downloads folder.

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One Response to Coincidence

  1. Pierre says:

    This certainly is a lovely little hotel. And on top of the roof, with a view of Table Mountain, is the quaint trailer park. They also have the coolest rooftop cinema:

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