An artist’s garden

Autumn Flowers

The Oak Wood on a September Evening

Young Roe Deerin Adel Woods

Squirrelona Fal Lim

Barn Owl On A Winter Eve

Camllias & Rabbit


a true artist’s garden – my favourite one

The botanical painter Raymond Booth was 70 years old when the first large-scale book devoted to his work An Artist’s Garden was published in 2000.

According to the text by Peyton Skipwith, Booth rarely leaves his native Yorkshire, and grows most of the plants he paints in his garden there. He typically keeps paintings in the studio for years and releases them in batches to the London gallery only when his painting room is so crowded with work that he can barely squeeze into it.

His work is included in many public and private collections in Europe, America, Japan and the Middle East, including the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; the Ulster Museum, Belfast; The Hunt Institute, Pittsburgh and Leeds City Art Gallery, where he had a major retrospective exhibition in 2002.

When I see his paintings with all the minutest detail, each having it’s soul and seeming to capture a small piece of some other fairytale world, where animals and flowers can speak, I vividly imagine the author.  Only rare people with extraodinary flair for observation can create something like this. If I were an artist )

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