Lovely like home

Today is not only a lovely hot summer day, but also it is 1,5 years that I live in my own home – and though it is tiny, it was made with so much love that I keep admiring it and enjoy changing little details from day to day.

I prefer to think that it has its soul and every time I leave I say: “Bye-bye sweetie” and I love to come back and feel that it lives its own life :) like Howl’s Moving Castle with Calcifer. So here is what I love about my home:

love the pine chairs I painted white to contrast the “vintage oak” floors

love my great grandmother’s vintage silverplated cuttlery (still going to frame it)

love the kitchen shelves with lots of disordered cups and mugs

love the tiles I painted myself as well

love the deep white ceramic sink which rooms lots of dishes and cooking battery and whatever

love the cezve brought from Turkey and the spoons brought from Spain

love the jars that can store all the kinds of cereals I might ever think of

love decorating the table with seasonal fruits and flowers (this time it was Halloween)

(then the pepper yield)

(then the autumn wildflowers)

(then the roses)

(then the winter fairytale forest with two white princes, getting their kisses regularly with no result)

(then the spring hyacinths)

love the lavender candles to warm long winter nights

love the flowers in the hand painted pots on the window-sill

love the view from the window at night (and sure the neighbours from across the yard love the view of my home they get because the curtains are absent)

love to decorate the lamp-chandelier in the kitchen with something nice

love the big looking glass to my full height to show if the dresses fit ok

love the pictures of Sarah Nelson, embraced by cute random frames I collected (that later found their place on the kitchen wall )

love the mess in my wardrobe (that is still unfinished)

love the boxes carefully saving all the bijouterie and the selection of perfume bottles

love to bring home cheerful baloons to create party mood

happy 1,5 birthday, my lovely little home (:

Photos by Nsenses
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One Response to Lovely like home

  1. Pierre Lombard says:

    Dear litttle Apartment. I wish I could visit you. To allow the dust of my shoes to fall in the cracks of your wooden floor. To rinse my hands in the deep sink, holding mugs for good coffee, plates with the crumbs of croissants and nutela… and two wine glasses holding the last sip of Stellenbosch wine. And then to rest my head on a pillow of lavendar and jasmine and Ralph Lauren’s Romance.

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