washing up for fun

I love cooking so much and at the same time I hate washing dishes – every time it is a challenge for me, I put it off till the last moment and then finally the time comes.

Unfortunately my lovely kitchen is so tiny that it has no room for a cheerful dishwasher like this that would help me.

However to make washing up not so terrible I worked out some ways to entertain and distract myself:

1)      turning on some funny music (better some children or toon songs to join in singing out loudly)

2)      a selection of colored rubber gloves to choose from according to the mood

3)      making lots of foam

4)      making bubbles with a dishwashing liquid bottle

the more the better

5)      thinking of something truly nice

6)      making the glasses sing with me

7)      painting animals and flowers with foam on the table

8)      sometimes even dancing :)

So all this keeps me through washing dishes quite all right ( at least I do not want to kill anybody ;))

P.S.  By the way even Madonna washes dishes (!!!) or at least pretends to do so))))))

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2 Responses to washing up for fun

  1. Pierre says:

    O you make me smile )))

  2. Wanda says:

    Ware did you get all your colored gloves?

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