New green friends

While spring is getting closer day by day – and you inevitably feel its fresh breath outside I am also happy to have an early spring of my own at home. Yushima, my guest from Tokyo, the prettiest and cutest plum tree pleases me with a couple of new leaves each and every morning, though the climate here is by far more severe than from where she comes.

Then I also have a lovely plant with upside-down flowers (given to me just because of the fact that it is so much like me) that diligently welcomes spring by producing small leaves and buds – it makes me happy every time I see a newly born one. Soon there will be many beautiful very Anastasia like irregular pink flowers.

So to make company to my little inmates I acquired a few succulents and some other species in order to create a small garden

Last weekend I carried out my intention. My fingers are definitely not green and it required quite a lot of efforts and time to plant the small ones.

After I soiled and stoned all around I finally managed to create exactly the image I had in mind.

It is especially pleasant to give yourself a treat admiring the results of your hard work.

Cheers :)

Photos by Nsenses
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