The air smells of spring…

Though it is still very cold and we get supplies of snow enough for a good winter day one can not be deceived by these tricks of nature as spring is already in the air.

I feel it here and there – in the tender sunlight and the caressing wind and the cheerfull frolic chat of thawing snow drops  against the window ledge and the smell, the unique smell of spring that you can never confuse with anything else.

When I get this feeling that everything around is waking up from the winter sleep I can not keep from crooning the waltz by Johann Strauss with the name speaking for itself – Voices of spring.

I have a collection of waltzes that go perfectly with this time of the year – one -two-three, one-two-three – soon there will be puddles all around – splish splash – the spring is here!

Can you feel it?

Pictures: 1, 2, 3

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One Response to The air smells of spring…

  1. Pierre says:

    This picture gives me such a happy feeling inside. It’s like a person who goes searching for souls lost in the winter of their lives. Then, when he/she finds them, comes alongside that person and plants a flower, right in their heart… And in so doing brings bright color to the winter of that person’s life… How lovely :)

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