White morning

I woke up today in the morning just to find out that it was 27 C below zero and the windows were covered with an intricate and fancy frost pattern making the world outside look like a white fairytale.


When it is this cold all my inbeing is longing to cuddle cosily wrapped in a duvet cover

with a cup of tasty cappucino or hot chocolate

with brownies (which I providently baked the night before).

But this could have only happened in an ideal world and being a very conscientious girl I muffled up in a fur coat, put on my warmest mittens and scarf and plunged into this ice-cold wintry outside heading for the office.

To my surprize I did not turn into an icicle on the way and arrived at work to a smell of freshly brewed coffee and lively chat with my work fellows – my favourite beginning of the day.

Pictures in order of sequence: the frosted window; mukha by anji; coffee by angie nun; brownies from for me for you ; the last one is mine.

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2 Responses to White morning

  1. Sal Joynal Abdin says:

    Nice post with great warming pics. In the UK we are expecting snow tomorrow, Wednesday.

    From past experience, we anticipate the whole of Britain to close down. We just can’t handle snow!

    Nice reading.


    • janianas says:

      Thanks) actually your comment is the first I got – so it’s twice as nice as it could be :) It is even colder today – 30C :) Hope your winter will not be this overwhelming.

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